Continuing the story of the God of Abraham, who shows up unexpected, and the Kingdom of extravagant hospitality that spreads like weeds and leaven.  [The first five minutes is missing.]

STORIES WE TELL PART 9:  The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob Part 2


We worship a particular God: a God who chooses the unexpected and unlikely, makes promises and covenants with us, and partners with us to do Kingdom work in the world.

STORIES WE TELL Part 8: The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

God gathers us so that we can be multiply and be sent into the world as representatives of the Kingdom of God.

STORIES WE TELL 7: Babel & the God Who Gathers and Scatters

In the story of Noah and the flood, we see a God who grieves for the wickedness of humanity and yet remains committed to them and to creation.